Small Groups

Small GroupsThe New Testament describes the church in a number of different ways including ‘the body of Christ’, ‘the household of God’, as well as the actual physical building in which the people of God meet. What is common to all of them is the idea of community, of forming close and interdependent relationships. This happens most fully in Small Groups.

We believe that Small Groups are where:

  • Members experience community on a far deeper level than is usually possible in the wider context of the whole church. They are able to form closer bonds and care for each other more effectively
  • Members engage with Scripture and practical, bible-based, Christian teaching.
  • Members are encouraged to discover and use their particular gifting.

We try to keep groups small, ideally no more than 10-14 members. Anyone wishing to join a group, please contact Tony Yoell on 042 294 0652

Currently the following groups meet regularly:

Monday 16h00 – Colleen Mutch 
  19h00 – Margie Roux
 Tuesday 10h00 – Sylvia Leslie 
  10h00 – Mike Silberbauer
  17h30 – Anthony Yoell
  19h00 – Pat Munro
 Wednesday 19h00 – Lew Slade
  19h00 – Beryl Bamford
 Thursday 10h00 – Colleen Mutch  
  10h00 – Jenny Dale
  10h15 – Gwen Hughes
  14h30 – Judi Slade 
  18h00 – Laurin Guether
 Friday 10h00 – Pat Munro 
  10h00 – Clare Millson