sonriseDuring 2013 a number of young volunteers from the USA came to the Village with a vision to work amongst the underprivileged youth in the local township. During their time here they forged close ties with the church and as a result they returned to St Francis Bay with a firm call from God to return and formalise their mission. This they have done and in August 2014 they returned to St Francis with 3-year visa’s, financial support from their US churches, and a heart to see teenage girls giving their lives to the Lord.

This is an exciting outreach opportunity and senior members of the church leadership will be partnering with the SonRise leaders and assisting wherever they can.

If you wish to support this project, or you just want to know more the contact Judi Slade – 042 294 1429

For more information on Sonrise South Africa click here to go to their website