Marriage Enrichment

The profile of our Village is gradually changing. Historically the vast majority of permanent residents were retirees but with the growth of local industries and the greater mobility afforded by technology, younger families are choosing to live and raise their families in St Francis. We run an annual Marriage Enrichment course which is open to all couples in the community irrespective of any church affiliation.This course has also been of great value to those couples who have retired to St Francis and are having to deal with issues and a changed lifestyle together.Perhaps the best testimony to the effectiveness of this course was the remark of one of those who attended the first course. A divorcee embarking on her second marriage, she said, “If my first husband and I had done this course we may still have been together today.”

If you believe this course could be of value to you then contact Margie Roux – 042 294 0363

You can also view more information on the website by clicking here