Daily Reading

Monday: Planned for God’s Pleasure! – Isaiah 29:13-16 & Romans 12:1

Most people, when asked to define worship, would think of a church service. But real worship cannot be confined to church. It should involve every aspect of our lives. We worship God and glorify Him when we do everything in life as if we were doing it directly for Jesus! Martin Luther once remarked: “A dairymaid can milk cows to the glory of God!” Examine your own life – do you do everything to the very best of your ability? Does all that you do please God?

Tuesday: What makes God Smile? – Matthew 22:34-40 & Hebrews 11:6

Just as things that family and friends do and say can make us smile, so what we do can be a delight to God. God is pleased with us when we put Him first in our lives, when we love Him with “all our heart…soul…and mind.” He smiles down on us when we trust Him and put our faith in the promises He has given us in scripture. He delights in our obedience and our willingness to serve and care for others. Would your life bring a smile to God’s lips?

Wednesday: God Wants All of You! – John 4:4-26

If the Samaritan woman had been here today she may well have tried to debate with Jesus whether we should be singing hymns or contemporary songs to worship God! She was missing the point – worship is not about how, but about ‘why?’ And most importantly how much of our lives we give to glorifying God. God wants us to be authentic in our worship, not just going through the ritual of what we’re used to. He wants it to be thoughtful, not clichéd. And He wants it to show in the lives we lead.

Thursday: God Calls You His Friends!  – John 15:9-17

As with any friendship, your relationship with God must grow. It must be honest – no friendship lasts if you are unwilling to share your real feelings. It must also be based on complete trust. It must not be self-centred – true friendship gives more than it takes. It always recognises what is important to the other person. You must learn to care about the things that God cares about. Finally God will not force Himself on you. You are as close to God as you choose to be. 

Friday: Sometimes God Seems Far Away! – Job 23:1-12

The depth of any friendship is tested by separation. Our relationship with God is no different. We must all learn to trust God’s promises and not our feelings. God has promised that He will never forsake us, but He has never promised that we will always ‘feel’ His presence. When God seems distant tell Him how you feel; trust in His unchanging nature; trust His promises. And, most importantly, call to mind what He has already done for you in the past and make that the basis of your praise and worship.

Saturday: A Child of God! – Galatians 3:23-29

When we place our faith in Christ, God becomes our Father, and all other believers become our ‘brothers and sisters’. Every human being was created by God but not everyone is a child of God; you must be ‘born again’ into His family. God invites everyone to become a member of His family. There is only one condition: to have faith in Jesus. And the glorious truth is that His family is eternal – it can never be disrupted by the troubles that affect our earthly relationships. Spend some time thinking of what it means to be a child of God