Daily Reading

Monday: Respectability isn’t Everything!  – Mark 10:17-27

This was a young man who every mother-in-law would love! He was rich and he was charming – by every measure he was respectable. But, contrary to what Jesus’ disciples assumed, that was not enough. We can also get caught in the trap of thinking that all is well if others look at us and think we’re virtuous. But God sees our hearts, our motives, our secret thoughts, that’s what really matters. Let’s never think we can hide those from God.

Tuesday: A New Family – Mark 10:28-31

Have you ever considered how Jesus’ words about increasing your family a hundred-fold are literally true? Even if the members of your immediate family turned against you when you committed your life to Christ, you were not left alone. You were adopted into the much bigger and wider family of God – you now have countless millions of brothers and sisters in Christ. And you have a heavenly Father who loves you more than any earthly father ever can or could. The rich young man didn’t know what he was losing when he walked away. 

Wednesday: Hypocrisy Matthew 6:1-6 & 16-21

Hypocrisy is one of the greatest vulnerabilities of religious people. It is easy to go through the ritual and follow the rules, but to do so for all the wrong reasons and motives. It may be because we think it makes us look good in the eyes of others. Or maybe just because it makes us feel good and we believe we have somehow fulfilled our ‘duty to God’. But empty words and thoughtless actions are worthless. Pray each morning for the Holy Spirit to guide you into truth.

Thursday: The Ultimate Question – Luke 9:18-25

Who am I? The question that Jesus asked his disciples is the same question we all have to face at some time in our lives. Who is this man who claims to be the Son of God? It would seem that most of the disciples still weren’t sure and it took Peter to lead the way and proclaim Jesus as the Christ, the true Son of God. It took courage as well as faith. Are we prepared to speak out for Jesus with the same courage, to declare our allegiance to our Saviour?

Friday: Old or New? – Matthew 9:14-17

One of the greatest difficulties facing the Christian church down through the centuries has been the need to remain relevant. Jesus knew he was bringing a new perspective to Judaism and he understood that not everyone would react favourably. He sums it up in these two analogies. If you patch old cloth with new, the new will shrink and tear the original apart. Old wine skins lose their elasticity and, as a result, are unable to withstand the mounting pressure of the fermenting gases. Any church that wants to continue the work of bringing a new generation to Christ must be able to accept new ways of thinking. Can you?

Saturday: Where is the Real Need? – Luke 5:27-32

We all prefer to mix with people who like us and understand who we are and how we think. We’re often uncomfortable with people we don’t know or don’t fit into our usual circle of friends. There’s nothing wrong with that providing it doesn’t lead to exclusivity. Jesus makes the point that he came to heal those who were sick, those who needed his saving grace. He wasn’t going to meet those people by mixing only with the regular synagogue-goers. In the same way if we are to continue the work of Jesus we need to look beyond the four walls of the church.