Daily Reading


“The Miracle of the Message” 

Monday: Speak Lord! – 1 Samuel 3: 1-10

This story takes place at a time when, because of the people’s unfaithfulness, the ‘word of the Lord was rare’ (vs1). So, it’s hardly surprising that the young boy, Samuel, was uncertain as to what was happening. And even the priest Eli was confused. It teaches us that it is often hard to distinguish and hear the Lord speaking to us – especially if we don’t make time for Him! As we approach our Christmas celebrations let’s make time for God each day.

Tuesday: And God Said! – Genesis 1: 1-8 & 26-27

God takes chaos and by the power of His wordsis voice He  He brings form and beauty.  How often do we find our own lives in chaos and confusion? Finances go awry; relationships break down; health issues arise. We are left anxiously searching for solutions, when the answer is right here, staring us in the face! The Word of God creates; it heals; it comforts. Let’s make time to listen to God’s message to us through the scriptures.

Wednesday: The Heavens Declare! – Psalm 19: 1-6

It’s hard to believe, as we look at the intricate wonder of the universe we live in, from the smallest particle to the vast expanse of space, that it all happened by chance. It didn’t! God created each and every star and placed it perfectly in space. And, even more wonderfully, He created you and me and placed us exactly where He wanted us to be. His creation is a ‘love-letter’ message to the humanity He created “…in His own image.” 

Thursday: A Talking Donkey! – Numbers 22: 21-35

This is an extreme example of God giving someone a message! It probably brings a smile to our lips. But, beyond the humour, it clearly illustrates the lengths God will go to ensure that we are kept in His will. Sometimes our lives seem to fall off the edge – we face difficulties and disruptions that may seem ‘unfair’. But, just as Balaam had to be stopped from going in the wrong direction, sometimes God has to act decisively, and maybe painfully, to get us back on track. 

Friday: In the Beginning… – John 1: 1-14

In these verses, we are told three vital truths about Jesus. Firstly, he was with God from eternity and was instrumental in His Father’s creation. Secondly, because he was with God from the beginning, he understands God, and the will of God, completely. He is the only one in the universe who can faithfully reveal to us God’s truth. And thirdly, in Jesus we see the exact representation of the character of God. He is God’s ultimate message to humanity.

Saturday: Good News! – Luke 2: 1-12

The shepherds were terrified – they had no idea what was happening. The angels assured them they were bringing good news. And indeed, there is no better news for humanity than the birth of our Saviour. It should never cease to amaze us that, despite the sinfulness of humanity, God sent His one and only Son to live in complete humility. And eventually to die for our redemption. Jesus, his death and resurrection, is God’s ultimate message to humanity and it’s the good news He’s expecting us to spread to ‘the ends of the earth.’