Whilst sponsored by the Anglican and Methodist churches, St Francis United Church has been multi-denominational since its inception. At present upwards of 18 different denominations are represented thus making it a truly united church, and a unifying entity and focal point in the St Francis Bay Community.

As such our facilities are available to both members and others who wish to use the church for special occasions. Regular services are held every Sunday with an active Sunday school and Youth group. The United Church of St Francis Bay is also available for weddings, funerals and memorial services.


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We hope to introduce an evening service every now and again, and this Sunday is the first…..

Guest singers will be singing to us, each other, and of course God

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Monday: Message or Messenger? – Matthew 13: 53-58

Tuesday: Give us Bread! – John 6: 30-35

Wednesday: Bread of Life – John 6: 35-40 

Thursday: Don’t Miss Out John 6: 41-51

Friday “Drink from Me” – John 6: 52-59

Saturday: Turning Point – John 6: 60-69

crossThis Sunday



April 30th 2017

07h30 Communion Service
Luke 24: 13-35 (Page 1100)

08h30 Family Service
1 Peter 1: 17-23 (Page 1273)
Luke 24: 13-35 (Page 1100)